About Thiara & Co.

Albel and Puneet are two friends turned sisters with a shared passion for events, hosting, and beautiful decor. Both have been through planning their own weddings, and understand the stress that comes with organizing such an important event. That's where Thiara & Co. comes in: a chance to make wedding decor an easy, organized task to check off. In their spare time they are busy hosting fundraisers and community events. Now the two managing partners are on a mission to make the wedding and event planning process easier for all of their clients.


The Small Details

We assist our clients with all of the small details. We create personalised items for our clients and their guests, including the following:

  • Invitation Cards & Wedding Cards

  • Guest Gifts

  • Menu Cards

  • Thank You Cards

  • Signage

  • Banners

  • Labels

  • & anything else our clients can dream of - we can create for them